Slink shoes now at Fission!

I did a happy dance when I received my Slink approval because…SHOES!

Out now are spectator pumps in a variety of colors at L$150 each. (If you hurry, you can get the pink/black version for L$75 before I get my lazy bum in to the shop to change them back to their normal price.)

Fission-Spectator pumps AD Fission-Spectator pumps-BlackBlue Fission-Spectator pumps-BlackPink Fission-Spectator pumps-BlackPurple Fission-Spectator pumps-BlackRed Fission-Spectator pumps-BlackTeal Fission-Spectator pumps-BlackWhite Fission-Spectator pumps-WhiteBlue Fission-Spectator pumps-WhitePink Fission-Spectator pumps-WhitePurple Fission-Spectator pumps-WhiteRed Fission-Spectator pumps-WhiteTeal





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