Fission is at Genre and in The Unknown Hunt!

It’s been awhile since last we spoke, my lovely Fissionistas! I’ve been busy on items for a couple of events, visiting family, and generally taking advantage of the final arrival of spring!

If you love Rockabilly, then you should be pretty happy about this month’s round of Genre. There’s a bunch of retro newness out, including from me! I’ve made 2 items which are currently only available at Genre (through 05/12/15) and which are just L$75 each during the event (L$99 once they go in the shop).

Fission-Paula strapless dress AD-Genre Fission-Rita summer set AD-GENRE

(Please note that these set up with my vendor system, so you won’t receive store credit on these purchases at the event.)

The second event I’m participating in is The Unknown Hunt. It’s a great hunt that is full of stores that are newer, open since 2014 or later. Check it out and discover some great new places to shop! The item is in my shop, and you are looking for a mesh “2015.” Hint: Bomb’s away!

Fission-Unknown Hunt gown AD


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