World Goth Fair has begun!

It’s that time of year again…World Goth Fair! This really is one of the best events in SL and you should make a point to check it out…if only to see the gorgeous build. The fair runs until June 1.

Fission has 2 new items at the event plus 3 older items, all specially priced at L$75 each. The new items are only available at WGF currently and will be L$99 when they go up in the shop.

The first item is Shea, a striped ensemble with a ruffled mini-skirt and skull cameo.

Fission-Shea dress AD Fission-Shea dress-Blue Fission-Shea dress-Gray Fission-Shea dress-Red
The second item is a two-layer outfit with a handkerchief hem and a screen print moon detail named Trista.

Fission-Trista dress ADFission-Trista dress-Red Fission-Trista dress-Purple Fission-Trista dress-Blue

World Goth Fair info


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