Some enchanted evening…

Hello! I hope all you Fissionistas are well this fine Friday evening!  Enchantment started today. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a quarterly event themed around fairytales. This round is The Little Mermaid, and it is full of some amazing things (I had to take a peak).

Fission has 2 dresses at the event, inspired by Ariel and Ursula. Each is L$79 during Enchantment (and will be regularly priced at L$99 after).

Muriel, inspired by Ariel (standard sizes):

Fission-Muriel dress AD Fission-Muriel dress-Blue Fission-Muriel dress-Green Fission-Muriel dress-Purple

Dorea, inspired by Ursula (standard and fitmesh):

Fission-Dorea dress AD Fission-Dorea dress-Aqua Fission-Dorea dress-Purple Fission-Dorea dress-Red

There’s also a hunt that coincides with the event, but is taking place in participants shops.  Just click the hunt sign at the main event location to receive the landmark to the first location.

Fission-Enchantment hunt dress AD

Until next time!


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